Indie Music
United States
New York

Born in Brooklyn and raised in New York, Mirai has been performing on the New York scene since 2009. In 2010 he graduated from High School and attended Five Towns College to study Music and Audio Engineering. There he met the other 2 members of the soon to known band Nappy Hair. He discontinued his studies at Five Towns College in 2011. With his smooth vocals, down to earth lyrics and modern R&B/Soul sound, Mirai formerly known as Bosqo acted as vocalist for the band for 2 years until going solo upon the band's disbandment. Mirai now manages his repertoire under his created label "Through My Eyes Entertainment" with affiliations to the Nappy Hair brand as well as High Chairs Productions. As a producer as well Mirai has been on the move ever since creating a sound that can be heard as New York authentic Neo soul and R&B with hints of Modern blues. This was seen with the release of his EP "Tattoos In Heaven" in 2015. That's not all from this Alternative artist keep your ears open to see what sounds he produces next as he doesn't seem to disappoint. Every time he touches a stage/mic or Midi tracking session it's said music happens.